Networking Services

We offer a wide variety of networking services for small businesses, bigger businesses, as well as ISPs. We specialize in helping small WISPs/FISPs/Rural ISPs with under 100k subscribers. We offer a much more cost effective alternative then employing a full time senior level NOC Admin services required don't really add up to 40 hours a week and only need small pieces done here and there. Need help with your small businesses internet or wifi, we got you covered there too.

What do we do?

We do have ongoing support plans, but if you just have a single thing you need done and only need our services once, that's perfectly fine. Just ask. We do a lot of off the wall specialty installs all across Central Texas. From bee farms to podcost studios, dentists offices, and everything in between. Below are just a rough list of what we do.

On-Site Services

  • Installing Network Cables
  • Installing Starlink Systems
  • Setting Up VoIP Phone Systems
  • Mounting TV's & Other Devices
  • Video Editing PC Setups & Gear

Remote Services

  • Network Monitoring
  • UniFi System Monitoring
  • IOT/Smart System Monitoring
  • Network Administration
  • Technical Support

Network Services

  • Basic Switched Networks
  • IPv4 & IPv6, & Dual Stacks
  • Routed Towers w/OSPF
  • Multi-Honed BGP
  • HA Dual Routers/

Camera Systems

  • Simple 4 Camera Systems
  • Enterprise 100+ Camera Systems
  • High End Video Setups
  • Streaming/Podcasting Studio Installs
  • Covert Video Installation

NOC Admin as a Service (NaaS)

We are well versed in all common WISP and smaller IP networking setups. Including IPv4 & IPv6, BGP, OSPF, wireless device configuration/optimization/management, and more, just ask. These plans are ideal for smaller WISP's who only need a few hours a month of senior level networking and administration support who don't want to employ a full time NOC Admin and makes it extremely cost effective as well. Normally, submitted work requests will be completed with in 24 to 48 hours unless you ciliate the request to an emergency incident, at which point we will respond to the incident in one hour or less or you get an account credit equal to one days cost of service for every hour past your emergency incident.

We have ongoing "NOC Admin as a Service" plans listed below if you click the Signup Now button. =)



  • 10 hours of support included
  • 2 GB of storage
  • $147/hr Overage Rate
  • Help center access
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  • 20 hours of support included
  • $247/hr Overage Rate
  • Priority email support
  • Help center access
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  • 30 hours of support included
  • $297/hr Overage Rate
  • Phone and priority email support
  • Help center access
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  • 50 hours of support included
  • $347/hr Overage Rate
  • Priority Phone and email support
  • Help center access
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Compare plans

Copper Bronze Silver Gold
Support Hours Included 10 Hours 20 Hours 30 Hours 50 Hours
Overage Rate $147/hr $247/hr $297/hr $347/hr
Support Options Email Primarily Priority Email Phone & Priority Email 10 Hours
Service Class Basic Gateway Support
(ipv4/ipv6 static or bgp routing)
Router & Site Management
Router & Site Management
(OSPFv3, Weighted Routing)
Router & Site Management
(Full BGP Filtering, DHCPv6PD)
Response Time 48 Hours or Less 24 Hours or Less 5 Hours or Less 1 Hour or Less
On-Site Hours 0 Hours, Quoted per Job 0 Hours, Quoted per Job 1 Hour 2 Hours