We have some of the best in class hosting around. Servers, sites, and the cloud, we have just the right hosting service to match your needs.

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Want a custom ingration with your UISP/CRM App? Or maybe you need some specialized provisioning software or need a whole backend built?

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Can't figure out BGP? Or maybe you want to take your WISP/FISP network to the next level? Let us handle the day to day routine tasks.

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Pride of Texas

We are proud to be headquartered in Comal County Texas and we always will be. We are one of the very few hosting companies left in the US and we remain committed to serving our subscribers, not some conglomerate shareholder group.

We have two primary coding authors, both of which are also based in Texas. We take pride in showing off what Texans can produce and like to set ourselves apart across our industry by providing exemplary US based services.

Security That Works

We use a combination of most industry standard security measures, protocols, and other propritary cyber security methods to attack spammers, attackers, and other undesirables from getting into our network, and in turn our subscribers' networks.

We are always studying the latest goings on across the web and the dark web to ensure the most secure and robust network possible. Our NOC is always monitoring our networks for every kind of threat out there, known or unknown. We work every day to ensure we adapt to the ever changing digital threats out there.

Global Market Presence

Efkolos boasts POPs across all 6 continents on this wonderful planet of ours. We strive every day to make the biggest impact we can across the planet to ensure we are operating as green and eco-friendly as possible.

We have come to realize our unique set of services, skills, and staff can do a lot of good across a global market of small businesses, WISPs/FISPs, freelanceers, etc. This is a nitch we can fill with reasonably priced services and outstanding subscriber care.