Fiber Services

Dedicated Fiber Internet Access is also known as "Lit Fiber" as service is up and ready to go. We specialize in small business, medium business, enterprise class, educational, and WISP/FISP class service only. We do not provide residential access. These are just a few of the fiber services we offer listed below but in most cases can offer some quite surprising rates and locations of physical access.

Services in our "Preferred Markets" is more quickly installed and of course carries lower rates. We can also assist in securing your companies AS number and owned prefixes (ip addresses) for you and establishing your BGP sessions and handling all the management if you need it, or just the parts your not companies IT person is not so comfy with.

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Preferred Internet Markets

Our "Preferred Markets are; Central Texas (Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio), DFW (Dallas Ft. Worth), Houston, San Angelou, Odessa, Atlanta, Detroit, Portland, Vint Hill (Virginia), Boston, Chicago, Miami, Calgary (Canada), and Minneapolis, Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, and San Diego. We offer service in all 48 connected US States but as stated, services in our "Preferred Markets" will carry faster install times, lower construction costs, and lower monthly rates.

Internet Access Rates

Our rates for internet access are listed below. Please note that each market also carries a market access fee and are based on local taxes, permits, license requirements and other factors. We try to minimize these as much as possible but almost every single US county and international province has different regulations and policies when it comes to delivering this kind of internet access. All circuits include a single IPv4 Address and single IPv6 address. BGP sessions are required for providers, resellers, WISPs, FISPs, Small Rural ISPs, and Enterprise Businesses. Additional IPv4 Addresses are available at the rates listed below.
  Speed Activation Additional IPv4
Basic: Best suited for small rural businesses. 100 Mbps - $97 / mo
250 Mbps - $224 / mo
500 Mbps - $447 / mo
750 Mbps - $697 / mo
$147 w/ 2 Year Agreement
$97 w/ 3 Year Agreement
$47 w/ 4 Year Agreement
FREE w/ 5 Year Agreement
/29 (5 usable) - $97 / mo
/28 (13 usable) - $347 / mo
/27 (29 usable) - $847 / mo
/26 (61 usable) - $2,147 / mo
Standard: Best suited for WISPs, FISPs, small rural ISPs, and multi-location businesses. 1 Gbps - $947 / mo
2.5 Gbps - $2,247 / mo
5 Gbps - $4447 / mo
10 Gbps - Contact for Price
$447 w/ 2 Year Agreement
$247 w/ 3 Year Agreement
$97 w/ 4 Year Agreement
FREE w/ 5 Year Agreement
/29 (5 usable) - $97 / mo
/28 (13 usable) - $347 / mo
/27 (29 usable) - $847 / mo
/26 (61 usable) - $2,147 / mo
Enterprise: Best suited for large ISPs, large businesses and businesses with lots of locations. 1 Gbps - $1,247 / mo
10 Gbps - Contact for Price
20 Gbps - Contact for Price
40 Gbps - Contact
$147 w/ 2 Year Agreement
$97 w/ 3 Year Agreement
$47 w/ 4 Year Agreement
FREE w/ 5 Year Agreement
/29 (5 usable) - $97 / mo
/28 (13 usable) - $347 / mo
/27 (29 usable) - $847 / mo
/26 (61 usable) - $2,147 / mo

Open WISP Public Exchanges

We have worked tirelessly over the last five years using design and engineering knowledge from all four of our core collective of Efkolos associates to fully design a brand new type of internet exchange. One built specifically for WISPs/FISPs/Small Rural ISPs specifically.

Our first Open WISP Public Exchange we plan to build will be in or near Lexington, KY. We will be directly physically connecting our building to no less than three (3) other IX's nearby, Ohio, Atlanta, and Paducah


Dedicated Internet Access

We offer either statically routed or BGP routed DIA circuits with high capacities built for business starting at 1 Gbps up to 100 Gbps and for small businesses we offer 100 Mbps up to 10,000 Mbps DIA links.

We offer three levels of service with our internet DIA circuits, self-managed, co-managed, and fully managed. In addition to WAN management we also offer SD-WAN services for the ultimate in reliability.

We are in the process of building and releasing a very special UISP Plugin for UISP CRM Application users to be able to manage their WAN link right inside UISP!

Dark Fiber Access

In addition to our own privately owned dark fiber we have found a real knack for sourcing dark fiber all over the United States mainland. Don't be afraid to make a request, chances are, we can get you fiber in most cases at a very reasonable price.

With our Dark Fiber service, we offer three levels of service, fully lit and delivered by us, partially lit and delivered by us, and self-lit where you take care of splicing and supplying networking gear and both sides of the link.

Check out our specialized line of pre-configured gateway equipment kits to go along with your dark fiber using nothing but pure 1/10 Gbps SFP+ ports and heavily quality checked before shipment.


Wide Area LAN Access

We offer three different types of lit transport services including, point to point, point to multi-point and protected rings. Depending on your arrangement type we supply lit NID's to your locations and ensure that service at the speed requested is always available only to you, no shared service.

  Speed Activation A/Z Points
Point-to-Point 1 Gbps - $447 / mo
10 Gbps - $1,947 / mo
40 Gbps - $3,447 / mo
$447 1-A/1-Z
Point-to-MultiPoint 1 Gbps- 40 Gbps
Contact for Price
$947 1-a/250-Z
MultiPoint-to-MultiPoint 10 Gbps - 100 Gbps
Contact for Price
$2447 250-a/250-z
LongHaul Point-to-Point 10 Gbps - $9447 / mo
40 Gbps - Contact for Price
100 Gbps - Contact for Price
$4447 1-a/1-z

IPv4/IPv6 Leasing

We have secured a good deal of IPv4 addresses and as well IPv6 addresses. Whether you need just a single /24 of IPv4's, or all the way up to /19's to be able to provider internet access or web hosting services we got you covered..

In most cases, as long as your company hasn't already registered an AS number and requested resources we can get you a single /24 owned IPv4 prefix and between a /32 to /40 of IPv6 for use on your network.

Global Connectivity Markets

Efkolos holds a variety of privately owned and leased assets including, but not limited to; servers, connectivity DMARCs, hosting, server co-location, NanoPod™ co-location, and IP Transit services. Please understand, services may vary by market.

  • Headquarters: New Braunfels, TX
  • Canada Main Office: Montreal
  • European Main Office: London
  • Australian Main Office: Sydney
  • Primary Internet Exchange: Dallas, TX
  • Primary Server Co-Location Facility: Austin, TX
  • Primary NanoPod Markets: Central, TX

Our AS Number is: AS46239

We currently operate both leased and owned bare metal, cloud, and single instance units in the datacenters and partner datacenters within the cities listed below. In almost every case we have fibers we break out of these datacenters into rural areas around them to offer DIA WAN service to businesses and WISP/FISP providers.
Our main office is located in: New Braunfels, TX

US & Canada

Although our core network is located in Central Texas, we still offer connectivity services across most major carrier neutral data centers across the United States & Canada. We specialize in providing extremely low cost dedicated internet access for WISPs, FISPs, Small Rural ISPs, Rural Businesses, and Metro based businesses.

Explore Markets

Europe (Coming Soon!)

Thru our hosting operations we've gotten to know many local European providers and have chosen to work with a very select local European providers as well as US based global tier 1 carriers to be able to provide a connectivity network across europe along with NanoPod Edge sites hopefully coming in 2025.

Australia (Coming Soon!)

We will be working tirelessly with local providers to both lease and install many kilometers of dense backbone fiber all around the coast of Austrailia providing a highly stable dual path fiber right to provide the most stable connectivity possible across Australia and New Zealand.